A more personal view

As my first blog post I want to give you a bit more personal “about me.” Like what you may have already have seen on my about me page, I live in Portland Oregon, but am from southern California. In my past I have had many fun and interesting job. The ten years I worked at Doheny State Beach, I cleaned aquariums, feed moray eels, dealt with dead whales on the beach, curated our museum, organized volunteers, gave campfire programs, and was the buyer for the gift store. The parks and outdoor education has a very special place in my heart.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in art from California State University, Fullerton. My concentrations were in graphic design and photograph. I love type. If you know a graphic designer you know that this love can become an obsession. You will never really notice good a type face or font unless you are looking for it. It’s like bass in a song, sometimes you can’t really pick it out but without it the song just doesn’t sound right. I consider graphic design as my trade, and photography as my art. My camera has been packed away for the last few years. Maybe it was one to many bridezillas, or the lack of funds to upgrade my digital gear, but I lost the taste for it. Recently we bought a house and I am slowing unpacking all my art supplies, including my old trustworthy film cameras. It was like seeing an old friend, and realizing how much you’ve missed them. Now the butter cubby in my refrigerator is full of film again. I am starting to feel a little more complete every time I advance the film one more frame.

Now am like most people, love my garden, love to cook. Eating tomatoes from the vine is like eating candy to me. Making a new dish is an adventure! But really, I LOVE FOOD. Yep, total love food. I love eating it, making it, sharing it, and seeing it grow. It’s crazy but I feel like a mad sciences when am scraping a meal together. My sister call me a kitchen witch. She thinks I look like a scattered brained witch mixing her incantations. Well, no wonder! All of my spices are in a hodgepodge of jars with hand written labels of all different shapes. I also have a pantry full of home canned meats, veggies, sauces, and soups. My big black cast iron pot sits on my stove waiting for the next roux, or pot roast. It is magic when to add everything together then an hour later you have a meal to nourish, and comfort. 

So thats me! (in about 450 words)


6 thoughts on “A more personal view

  1. ewitchey says:

    Hi Rachel!
    We share a love for food. I like to create new things and love to use spices and rare items when I cook. I purchased a new grill this year which is basically like an outdoor kitchen. It is a pleasure to meet you!


    • rachmhammer says:

      Awesome! Am down in Portland. That was my first time in Seattle. My home town is San Clemente. Old Seattle mayor Ole Hanson founded it. And we also have the other Fisherman’s restaurant in San Clemente. Only 2 (San Clemente and Seattle)


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