My Neato- Rosey

Yep i got a robot to do my vacuuming. Now little Neato here isn’t the wise cracking, tell it like it is robot form the Jetsons, but we have been though a lot this little machine and me. It all started when we bought a house. Before in a one bedroom apartment with wood floors it was easy enough to sweep up the dog hair and the like. The new house with carpet was another story. Our dog is a shedding machine. Not to mention all the dirt we track in. So vacuum every other day or so to keep it up. Now here is where the “oh come on vacuuming isn’t that hard” comments come in. Yes you are right, it’s not that hard; so is doing your dishes by hand. You get my point.

What i love about a vacuuming robot? I can do other things. The whole point of technology is to make our lives easier so we can spend time thinking about other ways to make life happier. Its  for the mom and dad with wild kids, and dogs, that rather go for a hike on Saturday than clean the house. The grandma that just can’t drag the vacuum out anymore, and rather go bird watching with the grand kids. Or the young couple in Oregon that likes the feeling of a clean house with minimum effort. Because lets face it we are out hiking too and one day we will be that family that rather hike than clean the house.

What is more our Neato helps us pick up more. The little robot still needs a clear path to clean up properly. Picking up the dog toys, and making sure other clutter up or put away. They say that is the true key to keeping a clean house is put away the clutter. I had one job as a outdoor youth institutor and we would always be cleaning up “scrappy junk” the kids left behind. That name stuck with me; scrappy junk. That’s what I now pick up almost everyday. Before without a reason to pick it up it would just sit there.

Now Neato is wonderful but we have had some horror stories. Poopocalypse and the ant invasion. First was the ant invasion. The vacuum was scheduled for every other day. Normally I would empty out the dirt and dust when I got home. Well one day I put it off for the weekend since it was summer and life was busy. When I came home for lunch I saw Neato staring the vacuum the living room. I stopped it and pulled out the bin. What I was not prepared to see was an ant colony in all it’s ant glory riding around on my vacuum! They must have been attracted to some food it sucked up. Took 2 weeks to clean the whole thing out and make sure every ant was gone.

Poopocalypse happened only a month after that. Bodie can be quite the pain when his scheduled is messed up. Pooping in the house seems to be his favorite. Yep you guessed it. Luckily for us I guess, it wasn’t fresh when Neato ran over it. That only took 4 days to clean up. Since then we turned off the scheduling and run it was we are home or started just as we leave the house. This little robot is a trooper and would totally recommend it. Just remember this is not Rosey from the Jetsons, it will get stuck for no reason, and sometime something will get stuck and it won’t vacuum a thing. Just remember we could still be living in caves. Be grateful we have technology.



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