What about me? Spent the first 30 years of my life in Southern California, growing up in the “small” town of San Clemente. Today I find myself, my partner, two dogs, and tank full of fish, in Portland Oregon. We are the story of the modern family that set off north, to find new opportunities.

Although Oregon is no longer the frontier depicted in history books, to our friends and family we are on the fringe of civilization. On the edge of the great Columbia River and at the base of majestic Mount Hood. Here we have carved out a space for ourselves and have started to put down roots.

But who is Rachel Hammer?

I am a foodie, photographer, graphic designer, and can be the biggest nerd. Wish they would bring back Terra Nova, my first doctor was Chris Eccleston. I grew up arguing who shot first Han Solo or Greedo. I cook because I love food. No really I LOVE food. Sports? Hockey. Bruins. Yes I really watch the games. Found Woman’s Rugby Sevens this summer, and I really liked it! Two dogs; Bodie, Stanley. Partner; Ryan. Siblings; Am the oldest of 3. Have a little sister and brother. Spirit animal; I can’t decided between sea otter or jackalope. Beer or wine? Both. Previous jobs; Dish Washer, Sr. Park Aide, Tour Guide, Archery Instructor, Product Manager – 3D devices, Technical Service Rep.